Esteban Film


Opera Prima of the young director Jonal Cosculluela
with music composed and interpreted by Chucho Valdés

The determination of achieving your dreams, viewed from the universe
of a 9 year old boy, Esteban, who lives alone with his mother
and wants to become a pianist, is the thread of this plot, which reflects
the harsh side of the current situation in Cuba.

Directed by Jonal Cosculluela
Music composer Chucho Valdés
Written by Amilcar Salatti
Producer Maritza Ceballo
Cinematographer Lianed Marcoleta
Art director Maykel Martínez
Production sound mixer Evelio Manfred
Sound editor and mixer Sheyla Pool
Editor Alían Hernández
Esteban Reynaldo Guanche
Miriam Yuliet Cruz
Hugo Manuel Porto
Melón Raúl Pomares
Fina Corina Mestre
Sofía Mónica Alonso
Agustín Ismael Isaac

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esteban pelicula
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